I’ve always wanted to have a blog to write about music I love and now at least I try doing it sharing this stuff over here. I try. I said, I try.

This song is long way older than me but I keep on being interested in what past music can offer (still being focused on what’s going on today). The Temptations made the history of the Motown and what we’re talking about surely is something you can’t find in today’s music, even if it’s pretty easy to find attempts - that remain just attempts. The bass line at the beginning is dope, the whole song is a bunch of sounds perfectly put together. Also, the story they’re singing is part of the game. I’m fascinated by what late 60’s/70’s/80’s music brought, a sphere of warm sounds that can captivate you at any time, any age.

If you’re curious and want to try some classic black music vibes, voilà.